About us

As an independent company, we are on the market for a short time, but as people behind the company, we have been working with IoT for several years. IoT is not only about hardware, but primarily about integration and application within the final solution. Let's look at your project and put together a simple but functional solution.

About iNELS Air

In early 2020, we detached the IOT portfolio of ELKO EP to iNELS Air. Along with the product separation, new development capacities have been added to the team and start-up culture has been mixed with corporate elements. All works under the roof of the ELKO EP production facility in Holešov. Together we dig for interesting projects and quality products with easy integration into superior systems. Let's work on a project together

Sensors & Actors

IoT communication

iNELS Air Cloud


All under one roof

We can cover the chain from development to client application. What we design, we also make, test and immediately release to the world market through one of our 14 branches. This can result in both more complicated devices that are uncompetitive in some configurations and dedicated end-user devices. 

iNELS Air Cloud

Important piece in IoT puzzle. We decided to use a backend derived from ThingsBoard - the advantage for you is a robust system with perfect documentation and easy integration into your system. 

Part of our backend is also LoRa Network Server, which ensures the correct operation of all our devices. 

We are connected to Sigfox and registering the device is as simple as it can be. It is up to you how you use the data.

Thanks to cooperation with NB providers and iNELS Air cloud integration, the NB-IoT devices are plug & play.

Our cloud is able to run on-premise. This means that it is installed on your server through Docker and you have everything under your control - as you need it.